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About Us

About Bongani Telecom



Bongani means “a group of thankful people that are together”. Bongani Telecom is thankful for the opportunity to be part of the biggest Broadband rollout in the history of South Africa. Thanks to a partnership between Neotel and the Western Cape Government, 2000 sites that include schools, libraries and health facilities, have been identified to receive broadband connections within the next 3 years. Bongani Telecom is one of only a handful of Full Turn Key Service Providers that have been installing these connections.

We arrived in Cape Town at the start of 2015 as the “new kid on the block” from the Eastern Cape. We continued to complete projects to the value of about R50m up to now. During the past year we have done 140km of trenching in Cape Town, we also did big projects in Worcester, George, Beaufort-west and Saldanha.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the Telecoms market we were able to grow fast and effectively during the past year. We are proud to say we have established ourselves in Cape Town and are a trusted Service Provider to all our Clients.

We take our commitments very serious and our quality is not negotiable. We work quickly and efficiently because we know that the faster we can get our connections complete, the faster our Clients can start getting revenue from the installations.

Although our main work is with Neotel, we have other clients like Nokia, Telkom, Transnet, City of Cape Town, Bona and Libby Construction. We do have an established track record of quality and reliability that stretches over more than a decade. We are serious about doing business and we take our commitments and those of our Clients very seriously.


The Company was founded in 1998 by Thina Methule and Driekie D`Arcy, with nothing,  but a dream and a lot of ambition.  During the years that followed, the structure of the company changed to conform to requirements of our Clients.
Between 2003-2013, Bongani Telecom was a Service Provider for Telkom SA.  We were running up to 20 teams over a vast rugged area.  Our Head Office was situated in the Port Elizabeth area: Uitenhage.  We had satellite offices running in Stutterheim, Cradock, Grahamstown and East London. Bongani Telecom provided service to Telkom on their Out Side Plant in Eastern, Northern, Western Cape and the Free State.  Bongani Telecom and our workforce have always been very flexible and are prepared to work anywhere in the country and bordering countries. We employed between 80-120 people, depending on the workload.
We are now working for Neotel on their Outside Plant. We are full turn-key and handle everything from Planning to Splicing. We are currently running up to 20 teams in the field on various project that vary in size. We have recently bought a second Drilling machine and will now be less dependent on other Service Providers. We upgraded our Splicing teams and now have 4 full teams working for Nokia.  We are in the process of establishing another Optic Blowing team to handle the expected work load. We expect to have a bigger year than last year, with orders that is already in.
Nokia approached us to start working for them in the Southern and Western Cape. Currently we have eight teams running in the Cape Town area. Since Nokia are taking over all Telkom SA work in these areas we expect to grow this leg of our business over the next few months.
We have successfully completed various buildings and renovations for private clients eg : Basil Read, John Tini Farm and Lavender Leisure Country House.  On the Kologha Sewer line we also build the Pump House for the Amahlathi Municipality.  As part of our Telkom contract we build various size manholes to strict specification.  These manholes are as big as a small house and consist of a concrete floor, brick walls and a roof.  We have skilled builders in our employment and for bigger building projects we hire more builders for the duration of the contract.
Bongani has always kept control of our own and our client`s material in our Stores. We adhere to our Clients requirements and guidelines when we are responsible for safekeeping of their property.  We also have Procedures in place for control of our own material and equipment.  Transnet is also one of our clients, we have done Physical identification and inventory reports on their steam locomotive spares in their Mosselbay Stores.  Proving no job is too big for us, we have moved a few steam locomotives from Gauteng to Mosselbay into the Transnet Museum.
Bongani takes pride in delivering important services to our Clients, within the correct timeframes and specifications provided to us.  Our people are trained, to maintain our high quality of work at all times.  Although we mostly worked for Telkom, we have also done Telecommunication for Private Companies, Home building and renovations, Water lines, Sewer lines, Sewer pump stations and Power lines.  We would like to pursue these areas, since we have the resources and skills available currently. Thanks to our established history, we have many skilled people and resources available to us, should we need them


We spent 2014 marketing Bongani Telecom in the Telecommunication Market.  We realized that our strategy of only working for one Corporate Client-Telkom, was the reason we had to restructure the entire company in 2013.

We started marketing the Company within the Telecom’s family,  Neotel and Transnet being our main focus. We also reached out to Fibre Co, ZTE and other smaller companies. With our extensive Out Side Plant experience and the credibility of working for Telkom for so long, these Companies knew that we were more than capable.

We landed 4 contracts with Transnet and word of mouth delivered a contact person within Neotel. We applied to be placed on their Vendor list and shortly thereafter Tendered for their Turnkey OSP Contract. At Tender Phase we applied for Eastern and Western Cape, since we realized growth will first happen in the Western Cape. This strategy paid off when we were selected as one of only a few contractors to complete R14.2 billion within the next three years. We have successfully completed more than R50m worth of work up to now.

At the moment our reputation generates new clients for us. Bongani is thankful for the work we receive, we try to honor each commitment we make.


Bongani has always been proud of our Quality and Workmanship, it is an honor to drive our clearly marked vehicles, through the valleys of the Eastern and Western Cape.  We display our signboards on every site we work on, this makes it easy to be identified.  Our Customer Call Centre number is displayed on all our boards and stickers, this ensures that Top Management are aware of any incidents.

Our Company and its employees are governed by our Code of Conduct, to uphold Bongani`s image at all times.  We are making our employees aware of our image and the impact it has on both us and our external clients.

Shareholding Structure


Thina Donald Methule


Driekie D`Arcy

Bongani Telecom exists to provide the people of South Africa with access to a better future – via the Broadband connections we install. Your future is important to us, let us connect you to a faster better future. For more information on the services we provide, please get in touch with us.