Bongani Telecom | Services
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The Telecommunications Market

Telecommunication is one of the fastest growing sectors of South Africa`s economy, driven by explosive growth in mobile and broadband connectivity.
The Fixed line Telecoms Market in South Africa has been monopolized by Telkom for decades. For the first time South Africans have an alternatives to turn to. Bongani Telecom is part of this exciting race, to connect Business and households to alternatives.
In 2011 the Human Rights Council declared access to internet, as a basic human right. Internet access is also increasingly becoming indispensable to the competitiveness of small business. Without access to broadband an entire generation of SA youth will grow up without the access to opportunities, skills and knowledge. Bongani Telecom is proud to be part of the solution, connecting people with opportunity!

Isolated blue ethernet cable

The Services We Offer

  • Full turn key telecommunications
  • Optic Fibre floating, hauling, splicing & testing
  • Building & installation of all size man holes
  • Supply & delivery of various items
  • Splicing
  • Control of clients material & equipment
  • Relocating of clients equipment
  • Trenchless technologies
  • Trenching & laying of pipes
  • Surveying & planting of poles, overhead cabling
  • All civil & mason work
  • Horizontal road drilling
  • Erecting of security fences
  • Bush clearing

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